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Addiction Treatment at The District – A Network of California Treatment Facilities.

There are hundreds of California drug rehab centers, each of them offer a range of facilities, affiliates and programs. They’re all designed to treat substance abuse but they’re not all the same. As such, all programs can’t claim similar results because their programs are so different.

We’ve developed a holistic approach, one in in which we identify every condition or issue that has contributed to the client’s addiction problem.

Supportive Structure

California Drug Addiction Treatment

What is drug addiction treatment and how does it work?

As defined by he National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction treatment is “a scientifically based approach that demonstrates provable, repeatable results.” Effective treatment builds a foundation for an addiction-free life, and deals with the individual as a whole person -not just as an addict. This of course, is the goal.

People utilize many forms of addiction treatment to help break the cycle of addiction. 12 Step programs, to psychotherapy, religious immersion, medicinal substitutions and even hypnotherapy. Some these methods might work for some, but science generally agrees that only a comprehensive, prolonged treatment with constant maintenance can truly produce lasting results.

Rehab centers and substance abuse treatment centers also agree that no single treatment model is appropriate for everyone, which is why The District Recovery Community places so much weight on an individualized program for drug and alcohol addiction treatment plan for every client. We believe effective treatment should address the client’s addiction history, as well as his or her current:

  • Physical and Mental Health conditions
  • Social Situation
  • Pre-existing medical or emotional trauma
  • Physical, mental or sexual abuse
  • Family Dynamics
  • Home/Living Conditions
  • Vocational Needs

One of the more prevalent approaches and something that is common to most accredited treatment programs is counseling. There are many forms of counseling that assist with drug addiction treatment are group.

Individual counseling, family therapy (if deemed appropriate or useful), relapse-prevention training, 12 Step meetings, and support groups are especially useful. These groups and this structure provides an environment where the addict learns the skills necessary to cope with situations that might otherwise trigger a relapse.

Of course, the ways in which these elements of treatment are delivered-and which elements are emphasized over others-will vary greatly from one program to another and like most drug addiction treatment centers in California, The District has gone to great lengths to enlist the help of doctors and clinicians who helped develop the treatment plans.

If you or someone you know suffers from an addiction to prescription drugs or alcohol, the very best thing you can do is to persuade them to seek treatment. action and make a change.

While many in society tend to look as those who are afflicted with these addictions as perpetrators rather than victims, this does nothing to help convince addicts that help is available if they were to ask for it. It might be hard for a friend or a loved one to ask for help, but when it’s needed, it’s a life or death situation.

Once you’re past the first step of understanding that a problem exists, the next step is getting clean.

Before this even starts, you should call one of our Admissions Counselors here at The District Recovery Center. We’ll help advise you of your options, check your insurance coverage and make arrangements for you or your loved to get into a California Addiction Treatment Center or at any one of our affiliates in another state, if deemed necessary.

Call us today for a free, confidential discussion.

group therapy

Our Goal

Our high success rate is definitive proof of the effectiveness of individualized treatment plans and a holistic approach.

We lean not only on our professional team, but also our alumni, many of whom have stayed on in some capacity to help mentor our clients.

We’re constantly adding new services, hew support structure, new forms of counseling and therapy and adding more and more physical activity to help provide a healthy balance.

The result has been nothing short of amazing. We’re usually at or near capacity which has had the unexpected effect of getting even more support from residents who have advanced in the program. Together, they make up a community, the likes of which just isn’t seen in the Rehab or addiction recovery industry.

We know recovery is tough – nearly every member of our staff has gone through. Some of us have been to multiple treatment centers ourselves. When we started TDRC, we decided to combine all we learned about what DIDN’T work at the other facilities and what DID work. When we built TDRC, we took the good stuff and then sat around and talked about things like “wouldn’t it be great if…”

From these discussions, we worked with doctors and certified treatment professionals to shape our own team.

Today, our team consists of a well-rounded group of men and women, each skilled in certain disciplines, but all of them masters at connecting with patients. The closeness our people build with our patients is unlike anything this industry has seen. It’s what sets us apart in a big way.

Collectively, all of this has resulted in a treatment that helps patients in every area of concern, giving them the training, skills, tools and support structure to deal with any problems.

Our Staff and Resources

Our staff is comprised of a group of trained, certified first rate people who take the recovery process very personally. Each resident is assigned a support group, a counselor and a guide to help maintain accountability at every step of the process.

The patient is the most important person in this group, and so we work hard to stay connected with them daily so that we can monitor any progress or any concerns. We act immediately in both cases, making sure that the patient is singularly focused on recovery.

Our California addiction treatment and recovery facilities are largely centralized in the Huntington Beach, California, area. This area is very hip and popular with men and women in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

It’s a family-oriented, seaside community with access to beaches, volleyball, tennis, bicycling, hiking, basketball and other extra-curricular activities.

It’s also centrally located to schools, universities, medical and psychological care as well as vocational opportunities. Collectively, these attributes make this location ideally suited for recovery and eventually, re-immersion into society as a happy, productive, well-adapted human.

Do whatever it takes, but get help

Addiction treatment is something that can change a person’s life and get them back on track to achieve their hopes and dreams if it is successful. Our addiction treatment is focused on the people that we treat to help them to re-start a life they may have thought that they lost. We are here to help. We are here to provide the best program that we can so that people can start living again. We are here to use all the knowledge and experience that we have to help in any way we can. Our process, our staff, our facilities, and our core belief is all centered around the idea that we can help people rid themselves of this horrible disease. If you or a member of your family is interested in our program, don’t hesitate, pick up the phone and give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will do our absolute best to help you with any situation that you may find yourself in. Our treatment program promises to get you back on track and to kick start the life you have always wanted. To see testimonies about or program and to find out more information, click here: Ocean Hills Recovery Videos

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