Affordable addiction treatment

Affordable Addiction Treatment

Affordable Addiction Treatment

Affordable addiction treatment just isn’t something that most people talk about. It’s as if one is saying, “hey, I know this life or death, but I want to save a buck.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that by the time most addicts are redy for treatment, they’ve burned through all of their assets (or close to it), they’ve used up all their credit, and have cashed in every available favor from friends and relatives or even worse.

In any case, when they’re finally ready to accept treatment, they find themselves without the financial means to pay for it.

Fortunately, we’ve provided a list of rehab facilities that are free or so close to being free that treatment is within reach of most people.

They’re funded by charitable donations, grants or simply operate as a non-profit. They’re not going to be plush resorts on a seaside cliff in Malibu, but what they will be is a place to get clean.

By offering affordable addiction treatment, these organizations bring welcome relief to so many people who struggle with addiction, but it’s just the first step in a long process.

Rehab aka Detox is the first step in any recovery journey. You can’t even enter a proper treatment program until you’re substance free.  Proper treatment begins after rehab/detox.

Commonly referred to as after care, such programs include IOP (intensive outpatient), OP (outpatient), PHP (partial hospitalization)and eventually sober living (which used to be called halfway houses).


Continuing Treatment

Finding  affordable addiction treatment after rehab becomes more difficult. While we’ve all seen celebrity rehab shows where guests live in lavish beachside mansions, most people can’t affordable $30,000 a month (or more) for care that is statistically no better than addiction treatment at more affroable facilities.

It should be obvious that if a treatment facility has a $40,000 month mortgage payment, a $5,000 a month landscaping bill, a fat pool cleaning, maid services for a large facility and on luxurious meals, there’s less left over for treatrment services.

Further, very few insurance companies will cover the costs of a celebrity rehab treatment program. Worse yet, most people don’t have the financial means to spend on such a facility.

Statistically speaking, these facilities have no greater success rate than other types of treatment facilites.

Continuing treatment after rehab/detox usually requires patients to pay out of pocket. Insurance payouts vary in their coverage, but most don;t cover treatment for more than 3-9 months. This means that at some point, you’ll be out of pocket.

Programs like intensive outpatient and/or sober living provide the option for the patient to work while attending treatment. The accommodations aren’t as luxurious but the important thing is that they’re getting treatment.

In the case of a sober living home, residents work a job and atten treatment when they’re not working. There are many job opportunities for this going through addiction treatmet.


Finding Affordable Addiction Treatment in California

As mentioned before, treatment starts with rehab/detx. Below is a list of affordable addiction treatment centers that focus on rehab and detox. You should start here if you’re looking for treatment but don’t have insurance or the financial means to consider other options.

If you need help finding a treatment program that’s right for you, contact one of our Admissions Staffers.


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