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5 Ways Sober Living is Worth The Struggle

January 11, 2019

Five Benefits of Sobriety Sobriety can be life-changing. Through feedback we get from former client, we hear over and over that their new, sober life is the greatest life our clients have ever known. If you are currently struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, however, sober living may not seem like greener grass on the other side. It may not look like that light at the end of the tunnel. Rather, it may look boring. It may...

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How to Talk to Friends About Recovery

December 19, 2018

Talking to friends of loved ones about your past struggles with addiction or recovery process can be difficult. While the weight of this secret is lifted from your shoulders, you're still left wondering about how you will be judged.. Will this revelation affect the relationship? Will they lose respect for you? It's nice to think that while they may be shocked at first, but they'll offer words of encouragement. This is usually the case, but it's wise...

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7 Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

December 12, 2018

Staying sober for the holidays Here are some tips for protecting your sobriety, preventing relapse and how to handle delicate situations. There's a tendency to approach the holidays with unrealistic expectations and the normal holiday festivities can be more complicated for everyone if you don't set some boundaries and expectations. Just traveling over a holiday weekend can be a trigger for relapse due to delays, scheduling or...

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How To Support a Friend or Loved One in a Sober Living Home

November 5, 2018

While sober living homes in Orange County are similar to others around the country, but with a unique advantage - several of them are in superb locations. Some of amazing amenities. some are close to the beach and others offer budget-conscious options. When someone you love comes finally seeks help with their drug addiction problem and makes the choice to enter an inpatient drug treatment program or sober living home, it’s often an incredible...

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How to Find The Right Drug Rehab Counselor For You

August 30, 2018

Knowing how to find a drug rehab counselor isn't something that is public knowledge. To this day, addiction is a disease that has been stigmatized, largely by people who simply haven't researched its causes and effects. In fact, for decades, drug addiction has been viewed as more as a criminal act than a disease. Because of this stigma and society's dim view of it, few resources were available on the topic and individuals suffering from a substance...

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The Connection Between Anxiety and Drug Addiction

August 23, 2018

Anxiety and Drug Addiction Estimates are that more than 40 million American adults are suffering from some degree of an anxiety disorder. For those that fit into this category, you have a double or even triple likelihood of also having a substance use disorder. Showing a clear link between anxiety and drug addiction, this coincidence had to be studied further. “There’s a huge overlap between the two,” says Petros Levounis, MD, chair of...

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Signs and Symptoms of Narcotic Addiction

August 18, 2018

Recognizing an Addiction Problem Identifying the signs of narcotic addiction isn't difficult provided you know what to look for. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what those signs look like because they've never been around people suffering from addiction. First, you must know what addiction is as there are differences between substance use and substance abuse. The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) defines...

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What Are Designer Drugs?

August 16, 2018

The Early Days of Designer Drugs Designer drugs made their debut back in the 1990s. They're more appropriately described as synthetic drugs. While chemically similar to actual drugs, the formulations have been changed just enough to escape regulation by the DEA. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is the agency tasked with regulating the use of controlled substances, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs with a potential for abuse...

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The Power of Group Therapy

July 26, 2018

How Group Therapy Helps In Recovery During recovery, patients go through several types of therapy. Some of it is done in individual counseling sessions where a single client meets with a therapist or counselor. During these sessions, the counselor can start to get a better understanding of how the client’s background and tendencies have been of influence to their behaviors, especially as related to addiction. Individual counseling is an...

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Recognizing The Risk Factors For Addiction

July 3, 2018

It's been said that most people are predisposed to certain traits or activities. Some people might have bouts with depression, some might have anger issues or some people might be temperamental. Others may have difficulty with anxiety. Still others might have a predisposition to addiction in one form or another. Addiction risk factors include far more considerations than predisposition, whether it's real or perceived. While the discussion of...

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