Sober Living vs Rehab: What’s the Difference?

Sober Living Vs Rehab Centers

When it comes to sober living vs. rehab, many people don’t understand the difference. . They are two different places with completely different roles in the recovery of patients.

The primary role of a rehab facility is to help the addict recover from substance abuse. Some rehab centers that follow the spiritual approach while others follow the traditional medication approach to handle substance abusers.

Residents who go to a sober living home do so to become a part of society through mental preparation and living in a structured environment. This is done only after completing a rehab or detox program.

The Differences Between Sober Living and Rehab Centers

A sober living facility, whether it’s sober living in Huntington Beach or New York, is more like an accommodation center than a rehab. Addicts come to a sober living community after they are released from a rehab or detox facility.

This is a natural and effective transition for patients who would find it a bit difficult to go out and face the outside world immediately. Sober living facilities provide an accommodation for these addicts to ease into their new life.

In sober living communities, residents work or go to school and enjoy great freedom of moment. While residents have chores and attend meetings in support of their recovery, they are more or less free to come and go as they please. Although there are curfews established, participation in sober living is voluntary.

The time spent in a sober living community helps residents prepare themselves to face a new world, one where they don’t use drugs or alcohol.

Rehab facilities on the other hand conduct counseling and prayer sessions to get addicts away from their addictive tendencies. Unlike sober living communities, addicts are not allowed to interact with the outside while in rehab.

Cost of Sober Living vs. Rehab

Sober living in Huntington Beach and elsewhere across the United States are generally more affordable than rehab centers. Rehab centers are more expensive due to the round the clock care and supervision of staff who are on-hand to monitor the medical condition of their residents.

Some rehab centers provide stays in halfway houses as a complimentary service. So all you need, after getting treated in the rehab, is not the money, but the determination to avoid drugs or alcohol. In some states, if an addict comes to a sober house with court orders, they do not have to pay for their stay. Sometimes the pay is also divided between the addicts and the state. This generally applies to state funded sober living homes which are different from privately funded sober living homes.

What to Expect in a Sober Living Community

Unlike rehab centers, sober living communities do not conduct sessions or provide treatments for addicts. Those treatments occur in rehab, where addicts go to detoxify. Only after this process should addicts consider sober living communities.

The sober living environment doesn’t provide addiction treatment per se, but instead provides the foundation for sober living through meetings, group discussions and activities designed to help residents maintain sobriety and develop healthy living habits.

Residents will learn to manage the routines of their daily life, from cooking and cleaning for themselves to managing finances and learning new social skills. They adhere to house rules including a curfew and participate in activities with other residents. They must maintain a code of conduct while living under constant supervision of a house manager.

Further support comes from co-residents. In fact, it’s not uncommon for residents to develop lasting friendships while in sober living.

Why Choose Sober Living in Huntington Beach?

Simply put, the shock of rehab and detox will remove the substance from the addict’s body but will do little to nothing toward mending their soul. Without continued treatment, all of the root causes that fed their addiction will still be present.

Addicts seeking complete recovery must find new ways to deal with stress and anxiety. They must face their inner demons and give themselves over to a higher power, one that provides strength and resolve.

In many cases, addicts have spent so much time addicted that they lack the basic life skills to manage the simplest of daily tasks. Some don’t know how to make a grocery list or balance a checkbook, others don’t know how to pay bills online or make a doctor’s appointment. Sober living communities, such as The District Recovery Community, teach these basic skills and provide the support addicts need to adjust to a whole new way of life. Contact us today.


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