The Advantages of Traveling for Sober Living

Sober living homes offer a unique living environment that supports abstinence from drugs and alcohol and helps maintain a healthy recovery lifestyle.1 Sober homes offer people in recovery a safe place to transition into independent living, and many people decide on traveling for sober living, rather than staying close to home. Let’s take a look at why leaving your hometown may be best.

Traveling for Sober Living Offers More Options

When you’re looking at different choices for sober living, looking only locally offers fewer options than widening the search to include options that require traveling for sober living. Why settle for a lower quality of care because you’re confining your search for a sober living home to your local area?

Broaden your search, because the best options for you may involve travel. You can look into sober living homes on the other side of the country or in a neighboring state.

Traveling for Sober Living Removes Many Triggers

The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends a stay of at least 90 days to obtain the maximum benefit of sober living.2 While it may seem easier and more convenient to reside in sober living that’s close to home for a few months, it also means being near the negative influences and triggers that are familiar.

Staying in the environment where triggers may affect your recovery adds an element of risk that’s eliminated by traveling for sober living. New places and new faces give you the opportunity to go through your day without risking encountering a powerful trigger unexpectedly.

Traveling for Sober Living Helps Build New Social Networks

Most sober living homes have a loose structure that allows freedom for residents to come and go at will. This is a big change for those coming out of residential rehab. Traveling for sober living helps people adapt to this new lifestyle by removing the distractions of any existing social networks that come along with living locally. Living away from home helps residents to focus on the positive social networks that exist from living together with others in recovery.

More Benefits of a New Place with a Fresh Perspective

Traveling for sober living allows you to try out a location and climate that may be more beneficial to your health and wellness. Many people find these benefits to be so great, they decide to settle down in their new location permanently.

Traveling for sober living can also give you a fresh, new perspective. A new place with a fresh outlook can be empowering and encouraging. It also means interacting with people outside of your existing social group. These new interactions will be the foundations for building your sober network.

You can reach out to this sober network to give you the support and encouragement you’ll need when things get tough at home or at work. If you decide to stay in your new location, you’ll already have an established support network to rely on that’s close, convenient, familiar and reliable.


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