Sober Living Programs

Fun & Accountability

Having a structure in place to focus on sobriety is one thing, but rebuilding your life with a community of dedicated, like-minded men and women at your back is what sets our community apart from others. We’ve proven it repeatedly; leaning on people like yourself in a structured sober living program leads to a more exciting and fulfilling life. The District Recovery Community is the clear choice for a life better lived.


Services & Structure Set Us Apart

From Laughter to Life Skills, We Offer It All

Getting sober is only part of the journey. We remove the stress of establishing a life you can be proud of by implementing structures and offering services designed to fully develop and maintain accountability and responsibility.

Sober Living Programs We Provide
On-Site Management

Our house managers and staff members are on-site every day of the year to ensure the safety and responsibility of each guest while delivering an unsurpassed quality of care to every young man in our Huntington Beach homes.
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Community Activities

Every 6-8 weeks The District Recovery Community shares a large-scale community bonding activity. Past trips have trekked to Big Bear Mountain for skiing and snowboarding, headed out on the water for some sailing, gone camping and paintballed until we were all black and blue. We also participate in smaller weekly activities, including outings to Southern California hiking trails, cookouts and trips to the movies.


We help tutor young men who want to go back to school or have a desire to learn important life skills. In the past, our tutors have been able to help residents improve their budgeting techniques and learn the basics of personal finance. If a resident wishes to take college courses while they are with us, academic tutors are available to help them succeed.

Job Assistance

Getting back to work is be a vital step for young men in recovery. The District Recovery Community helps residents uncover their life passions, discover and utilize their strengths and begin charting a course toward the career they desire. We help our residents secure employment in their desired field, beginning with resume building and job interview techniques.

Workout & Nutrition Plans

The District Recovery Community provides individualized personal training and nutritional planning sessions. Our certified trainers and nutritionists help guests reach health and fitness goals, developing a solid foundation for a healthy recovery.

Personal Accountability

The members of The District Recovery Community keep one another accountable during their recovery journey. We understand that growth, progress and a general positive outlook take time to develop. To help this growth process, every staff member is dedicated to helping each guest develop their own sense of accountability. Peer leaders are also appointed within each home to promote a local sense of accountability.

Yoga Sessions

Every week, our CAADAC-certified drug and alcohol dependency counselor and master yoga trainer runs an hour-long session for all guests. These weekly sessions ease tension and serve as a great experiential activity.

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