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“The District Recovery Community in Huntington Beach, California has been a lifesaver for our son. The District provided a structured space with other young adult men, all with sobriety as their number one goal. Regular drug testing and group meetings were part of the structure, as well as fun group activities including ski trips, hikes, and paint ball events. All of this structure gave our son the freedom to experience a good and socially full life without drugs and alcohol.

The District let it be known that house members were expected to work full time, actively participate in a twelve-step program, and be contributing members in their household. Our son entered The District after a few months in residential rehab. Soon after moving into The District, he had a ‘get well’ full-time job and friends he could rely on. The District had transportation services that our son used for work and other regularly scheduled activities such as recovery meetings.

Our son had tried other sober living environments but none had the appeal to our son that The District has. I started by saying that The District has been a lifesaver for our son; it has been a lifesaver for his parents too! Thanks John and Jack!”

Parent L.W., PhD
“I would highly recommend TDRC for anyone looking for a sober living environment. It is ideal for the recovering drug addict. It provides an excellent living environment. The housing facilities are modern and provide a clean and safe place to live, so that one doesn’t have to worry about their safety or the safety of their loved one. The unmarked residential housing blends into a modern, well-kept neighborhood, providing an inconspicuous mode of life for the resident. My son is a resident at TDRC. He loves the facilities, the camaraderie with fellow residents, and the individual responsibilities assigned that make him feel part of a team and provide ownership of his environment.

Regular group activities are provided to complement the treatment the residents may be receiving. In addition to the therapeutic value of the group activities, they are just downright fun! My son most recently went skiing and deep sea fishing. He had a great time at both.

However, TDRC is not all fun and games. It’s about helping the resident to get well, by helping them to rebuild their individual confidence and self-esteem. It’s about drug testing the residents every three days to keep them honest and establishing responsibility for their life choices. It’s about helping the residents find employment so that they can begin to work themselves back into society and feel good about themselves. My son has made great progress while at TDRC. He now has a full-time job which adds purpose (and money!) to his life. The co-founders of TDRC, Jack Petti and John Whitehouse, have been very easy to work with and very supportive. A couple times per month, I get an email from John providing the status of my son’s progress so that I have some independent insight as to how things are going with my son. TDRC is a great place for my recovering son!”

Proud Father
Choosing a facility to assist a family member struggling with addiction can be an overwhelming and daunting task. My son, like so many in addiction, has traveled through the ups & downs of the many rehabs claiming to offer “the best” programs. In his quest to be sober, he has been exposed to various detox, rehab, outpatient and finally sober living communities. While there is always hope that comes with each experience, there were times when he felt his needs were not being met emotionally. This is NOT the case with The District Recovery Community. This is the first time he has felt a kinship with all involved in his program. From the start, he felt supported. As a mother, I received weekly updates on his progress even as my son continued as an outpatient. The counselors cared—and they were there constantly to offer advice to me as well. He is in sober living and for the first time, I can see my son’s confidence returning. He is thriving again and I am thankful to see my son regain the strength he needs for this journey to be sober for life. This program is effective because of the people they employ. Thank you to The District Recovery Community–you HAVE made a difference for my son.
Wendy M
I don’t know if I can truly put into words what TDRC has done for my son. He’d been to treatment before but never stuck to a program or wouldn’t even stay. The District is a community of support, caring, teaching, and so much more. My son has gone through the program from detox to sober living and still lives in a house in the district. They are drug tested, have to work or go to school, attend meetings, and take care of the house they live in…they learn to live a life of sobriety. There is a very strong bond with the young men in the TDRC house and they all help one another. It’s like a program I’ve never seen or heard of and am so thankful and happy for the sober life my son now enjoys living! To hear him laugh like I haven’t heard in years is music to my ears <3 Reese has been amazing. Always a text or phone call away if needed. The District has helped me personally as well. The encouraging words about what my son has gone through at different stages of his recovery are appreciated. There have been times that one week is better than another but as we all know, this is life...and I have my son back thanks to TDRC...thank you, Reese and Jack.
Joni S
We believe every community should have something comparable to the District District Recovery Center that is accessible to those struggling with addiction and their families. Our son struggled with addictions for almost a decade, which started with prescribed opiates in the hospital. We utilized every possible service that was known to us in the area, and he was also in a residential out-of state rehabilitation 3 times. Much of the latter time before the rehabilitation center stays, the medical focus was on high doses of suboxone for a lengthy period of time. While medications may be needed to assist those with addictions, it is not sufficient. As parents and professionals in the field, every avenue was attempted. It was not until our son transitioned from the Rehabilitation Center to the District Recovery Center that recovery was known. This setting provided the structure and support that empowered our son to make the changes he needed to make. Specifically, there was: a) A focus on recovery, meeting attendance, emotional support, and vocational assistance. b) an expectation that residents were responsible for shared household duties and cooking. c) Regular communication with family regarding progress being made. d) A safe place to practice new skills. e) An opportunity for a fresh start away from the environment of origin. With the support of the District Recovery Center, my son’s incredible strength and perseverance, and the power of prayer, we can share that he is over one year in recovery, and is now helping others with addictions. There are no words to describe the holistic recovery and transformation our son has achieved; he is not an epidemic statistic but a phenomenal young man with a bright future ahead of him.
Barbara & Rob
“It is likely addiction in your loved one is the most horrific life event you have endured. We all hope and pray for our loved one to get the help that they need, and the question becomes where to turn and who to trust. Although I wish my son would have found the services provided by The District Recovery Community sooner, I will be forever grateful that he has now. Regarding who to trust, Jack and John are unequivocally the most genuine, caring and concerned treatment providers in my son’s eleven years of struggling with addiction I have ever known. These two men are deserving of not just my trust, but your trust too.”
Parent TC
I am not a victim of circumstance. I was born into a good family and a good home. Through my own actions, I led myself into what seemed like an impossible situation. After several treatment attempts, as well as trips to jail and the psych ward, I found myself in Southern California once again, trying to beat this monster.
After 90 days of inpatient treatment, a friend I met in treatment and I decided together to go to The District Recovery Community.
I was hesitant at first, but what I found there was something I had never experienced before. A group of boys with a common goal — working together to become men. I spent almost two years at The District Recovery community and am now working at an Insurance Brokerage. I am signing my second year-long lease. I now have a wonderful relationship with my parents, I’ve found a community of those that I can rely upon and who can rely on me, and I remain great friends with the same friend I started this journey with almost three years ago.
I would not be where I am or who I am today without The District Recovery Community.
Bruce W

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